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The Ongoing Scott Pilgrim Review: Part 1

Ok, I lied. I know I said I wasn't going to post any kind of Scott Pilgrim reaction until I'd seen the film a second time, but frustration about the fact that I can't see it again until Thursday has driven me to this.To be honest, I'll probably just keep going on about it for a while, hence this being an ongoing thingy.


  • Firstly, a pre-emptive strike: I'm not going to talk about the success this film has had at the box office, at least not until the UK charts from this week are out. Even then, it depends on how well it does and how cross I get. It's not actually something I want to talk about, at all. This is a purely subjective review, from a fan of both Edgar Wright and Bryan Lee O'Malley.
  • The casting, particularly of the secondary characters, was fantastic. I mean, yeah, Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were good, blah blah blah, but you know who I loved the most? Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells and Alison Pill as Kim Pine. Especially Alison Pill, actually. I mean, duh, everyone loved Wallace and Culkin completely stole every scene he was in, but Kim sort of sneaked up into becoming my favourite character towards the end of the books, and Pill totally did her credit; she captured her surliness, but somehow still made her likeable. (Well, I liked her.) Oh, and apparently Johnny Simmons does some awesome background stuff as Young Neil, but I was too overwhelmed by the foreground stuff to notice that (it's a pretty, uh, frenetic film) although I did love 'You should see them live. They're better live.'
  • Actually, yes, Michael Cera. Everyone had their doubts. I definitely had my doubts, and I'm firmly entrenched in the 'Edgar Wright can do no wrong' camp, plus I've actually like Michael Cera in everything else I've seen him in. I just really wasn't convinced he was right for Scott. I was relieved, I think, when the trailers came out, and now that I've seen the full film, I've got to say that he did a pretty good job. Scott's an idiot, basically, but he has to be played as the right kind of idiot, and Cera did it really well [patronising pat on head]. Oh, and I nearly forgot his spazzy bass dancing, which is something he must have inferred from O'Malley's artwork, and is just perfect.
  • The script was really well handled, especially considering what a mammoth task it must have been to condense six books into a 1hr 52min film whilst also keeping everything that the fans love. There were so many little lines from the books that I think I may have been in the only person laughing at, like Wallace's over-earnest 'You're too good for him!' to Knives, and Stacey and Scott's 'Did you really see a future with this girl?' 'Like, with jetpacks?' In fact, I'd say about the first half hour of the film is just the first book, almost panel for panel. Now that's fanservice. Obviously, some things had to be left out, but I like how most of them were integrated in some way - like how the fight between Ramona and Envy was omitted, but they transferred 'her weak point's the back of her knees' over to Roxy instead. As for the ending, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I did like it. It felt a little odd, because it was like the last few minutes had been building towards Scott and Knives getting back together, only to swerve back to Ramona at the last minute. I'm ok with that, though, because what it ended up being was a lot closer to the final book than I thought it would be; Scott and Ramona aren't necessarily back together, but there's that same sense of 'we messed up, let's try again'. I think someone said of 'Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour' that it wasn't a happy ending, but it was a hopeful ending, and in a way, that was better. I think I feel the same way about the film.
  • AND THEN HE STALKED HER UNTIL SHE LEFT. Perfect. I laughed so much.
  • The whole damn look of the thing. For starters, it's basically a two-hour video game, but that's not all. It's the little panels introducing the characters, and the ownership diagram of Scott and Wallace's flat, and the animated flashback sequences, and the graphics and the sound effects and OH EVERYTHING DAMMIT. As ultraculture put it, 'the whole Scott Pilgrim universe feels like it was invented purely so it could one day become an Edgar Wright movie'; Edgar himself keeps saying in interviews that the books reminded him of Spaced. This is the most perfect combination of author and director that I have ever seen.
  • This doesn't really have anything to do with the actual movie, but I've gotta say how much I loved the people in my screening. I mean, it was 3.15 in the afternoon and it was only the second showing on the day it was released, so there's a reasonable chance that they were mostly fans anyway, but no one walked out and everyone laughed in the right places and in the pause when Scott is tying his shoe before going to fight Gideon someone yelled, 'DOUBLE KNOT!' They were an awesome audience. But then, that's because Norwich is awesome. But then, you all already knew that.
  • I think what I'm trying to say is that I really, really like this film. But then, you all already knew that, too.


Heyyyyy therrre
I was doing an LJ search for.. icons of the UK Office so I'm not entirely sure why this post came up but pretty much... hey!
I think we should be friends
Because... we have a LOT of interests in common.

And I love almost every single one of your interests in your interests tags on your profile (excessive descriptioning yess)

*continues to peruse your journal*

WHAT?! I can't even-
I'm nearly throwing up in excitement
EVERY SINGLE ONE of your userpics is relevant to my interests

Apart from... Sandman? Because I don't know what that is
And Supernatural because I haven't got round to watching that
And I got the DVD of Donnie Darko a couple of weeks ago but haven't got round to watching it...

But basically
We are twinsies and it would legitimately be a SIN for us not to be friends

And if I did like Sandman I think it would be kind of a little bit too creepy because I'd get all paranoid thinking I sleepwalk and create alternate LJ accounts and blog in my sleep.

But back to the userpics, I saved a version of your creepy Bernard Black icon YESTERDAY

*Twilight Zone music*

So sorry for being weird but like I said we'd be breaking some kind of magical laws if you refused to friendify me.
So.. you could take the risk of God's wrath and like... die and stuff
Or we could be friends and dance around to... Garbage Truck

P.S. Sorry for mentioning throwing up. I got overexcited.
Not usually into that.
Oh dear god your icon is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Can I steal it, pretty please?

Wait. Sorry, I saw Edgar's face and got carried away. That tends to happen.

I have...absolutely no idea how you found me considering I have never actually seen either version of the Office, but why the hell would I refuse to friendify you? That would be like refusing to be friends with myself. Or breaking some cosmic rule or something. Anyway YES I AM ADDING YOU :D

You should definitely read the Sandman series btw. If you like Scott Pigrim...well, it's nothing like Scott Pilgrim, but if you like Scott Pilgrim then I'm assuming you're okay with graphic novels and are not one of those people who's like 'urgh comic books are for children what are you doing'. Have you read any Neil Gaiman? He is, generally, awesome.

I'm sorry, I was going to post a longer reply but a) this is already pretty damn long and b) I am too busy dancing to Garbage Truck.

Edited at 2010-08-30 07:24 pm (UTC)
Indeed you can, NEW FRIEND

They are adorbs ♥

Aw man you are MISSING OUT
The Office is amaaazing
I could still be on a high from watching every ep in 24 hours but right now I am in love love

I will put Sandman on my to-do list
Does it have comedy? I can't be dealing with stuff sans-comedy
Well, most of the time
It's got to be really amazing to get away with it
Ha 2 minutes into our friendship and I'm already GRILLING YOU


Anyway yes
I'm definitely not a comic book snob
Though my sister's been reading some creepy Batman ones with uber gore that are rather freaking me out
I'm only down with it in movies because it's blates fake and is over pretty soon
With comics you have to use more imagination! And it's on freeze frame!

And no I haven't read any Neil Gaiman sadly but I've heard a lot of good things about his stuff
Another thing on my mental to-do list
I should probs do an LJ post to-do list I can keep going back to..
That's actually brilliant
I'll put the to-do list on my to-do list!

I just ordered the SP soundtrack because having to keep going back to YouTube to listen is a little tedious!
Also I got a super neat T-shirt!! EXCITEMENTTT!!!

I tried to order a Knives LOVEEEEE *swishy* T-shirt a few months ago but they wouldn't ship to the UK
But the one I ordered was the like family tree style one if you know what I'm talking about and it has WALLACE on
Oh Wallace
If his life had a face I would make out with it forever
And then break occasionally to leave a gap for any passing witticisms he feels the need to disclose

Sorry, I feel like my comments to you have been kind of crazy
I'm generally a pretty laid-back gal
..Who doesn't generally accept the word "gal" to be a reasonable term for a lady...

So... yeah. Sorry!
I hope this doesn't put you off!
I'll go reply to your comment on my post now!

And it's cool you didn't ramble I think I did enough for the both of us thar
But for future ref, I love rambling so go go on all you like!
Although "soz, Garbage Truck rave" is a totally valid excuse for lack of rambles so you're forgiven :)

Yeah, I should probably watch The Office. There are a lot of things I should probably watch. I have never seen Peep Show, a lot of people keep telling me I should watch that, but for some reason the more someone tells me to watch something, the less I want to watch it. I like to be contrary :P (it is not intentional I swear)

Sandman has...occasional comedy? Yeah ok it's pretty dark most of the time, I guess. Gaiman's pretty good at dark, but it's usually entertainingly dark rather than depressingly dark if that makes sense? Oh, I don't know.

Oh oh oh I ordered Scott Pilgrim shirt too, and I think I know the one you mean! Possibly. Is it yellow, and did you get it from play.com? I ordered a black one with a bob-omb on it and it was supposed to come like a week ago and they haven't sent it :(

WALLACE. OH WALLACE. For some reason, I'm so glad they put the line 'Guess who's drunk?' in the movie. It's the little things that matter.

It's ok love, be as opinionated as you want! Especially as your opinions seem to pretty much entirely agree with mine :P I think all my rl friends are fed up with me going LALA SCOTT PILGRIM LALA EDGAR WRIGHT LALALAAAA so it's always good to have someone to go mental with, y'know?

I think I might use 'soz Garbage Truck rave' as an excuse for eeeverything. It will be even more fun if they don't know what I'm on about, they will be like 'whut you are raving in a garbage truck?' and I can be like 'NO HAHA YOU ARE LAME'. or, um. something.
the more someone tells me to watch something, the less I want to watch it. I like to be contrary

It is rather distressing
I still haven't seen A Very Potter Musical despite the many, many endorsements

Ha I'll give 'em a go! I'm sure comedy isn't totally necessary.. it's just like with.. do you know the TV show Without A Trace? NO comic relief whatsoever. I cannot deal. My mum and sister dig it but you need some light-hearted-ness to un-depress-ify things, non?

Have you read Deathnote? I read the first.. 5? (My sister has all of them but.. EFFORT..) It's a manga (ha I totes sound like I know what I'm talking about.. do you even say a manga? Sounds weird man..) and it's pretty dark.. it has a bit of comic relief too though I think but mostly it's dark and deathly

Yes yes indeed; the very same!
Aw no! D:
I want it NOWWW!
I need to show my Pilgrim love with PRIDE!
Although T-shirts are not a good look for me
Definitely a dressed-up kind of person
But how else am I going to show the love eh?

It's the little things that matter.
HAHAAHA this just made me laugh out loud
I completely agree!
And I just realised I in no way replied to your fantabulous review up there of which this post is comprised (..I make sense good words yes)!
So yeah when I was watching it I was thinking, "Hey, it this the entire Vol. 1 panel for panel basically?"
I LOVED the similarities/EXACT SAME-NESS and also the differences

And Wallace

All I can say really

I can't believe I didn't do a post on the film
I feel very guilty about it

I agree with all you wrote so I should PLAGIARIZE THE SHIZ OUT OF IT

I won't but.. you know... just an option

Anyway, the film definitely lived up to the hype I think
And I was hyping it HARD

How did you get into it? Via Edgar?

HAHA I forced all my RL friends to read SP at school so they were all excited too ;D
But yeah
In the lead-up when I was following all the photo-a-day stuff I was squeeing alone
And I wasn't on LJ either!
I don't know how I coped!
I just spammed Facebook with photos and videos trying to intrigue people

HHAHAHHAHA I'm laughing an unreasonable amount at 'NO HAHA YOU ARE LAME'
That's going to be me too XD
I was going to find the photo my icon's from in case you hadn't seen it then coincidentally I came across it just now as I was on my disqus profile! CREEEEPY!
So here it is!


*is proud*