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So I was on my way to Tescos to get some cheese (I'm currently addicted to Wensleydale with cranberries - or 'cheese with bits' as the Tesco self-checkouts call it - which is hopelessly middle-class of me. I was going to be even more hopelessly middle-class and get some white tea with pomegranate but they didn't have any) and I bumped into Seamus, which is weird because I saw him on my birthday too but that was the first time I've seen him in years, and he went 'oh, I'll come with you, I'm free until twenty past three' and I was like 'why, where are you going?' and he went 'Scott Pilgrim!' and I went 'OH MY GOD ME TOO!' (Norwich is small enough that the probabliity of you bumping into a friend who just happens to be going to see the same film as you at the same time as you is fairly high.) So I'd been planning to rewatch Scott Pilgrim alone today and ended up seeing it with an old friend instead, which was nice. I'll probably go see it on my own again next week, though, just because I really like going to the cinema on my own.

Part 2 of the Ongoing Scott Pilgrim Review will appear tomorrow, but until then:
  • It's, like, twice as good the second time you watch it.
  • If Edgar has his usual cameo, I can't find it, but there are quite a few people who look oddly like him (err, the guy directing the Lucas Lee movie? Beanie, glasses, long hair, beard? Yeah I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence).
  • It's currently at number 2 in the UK box office. After the poor ratings in the US, this pleases me greatly.
  • Kick her in the balls!
I am aware, by the way, that I was halfway through a meme. It'll reappear at some point, I promise.
In other news, today I actually paid for a Guardian app for my ipod. This makes me feel like an adult, even if I only ever read the Culture section.


I love your Scott Pilgrim love, jsyk <3
I apologise for the spam levels that my Scott Pilgrim love has reached. I am aware that it's completely ridiculous :P
No man, it's totally awesome!
Everyone has their interests! 8D I'm just sorry I can't partake in the flailing.
Hey, we can't all like the same stuff, that would just be boring :)
I do have a tendency to get obsessively addicted to stuff. It's just how I roll.