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supernatural | dean

TRALALAA, guess who's been watching Supernatural all day? I blame cheese_hybrid . In, y'know, the best possible way :)
SIXTEEN DAYS UNTIL UNI. Well, probably seventeen as I have to work on October 1st, but still YAY BIRMINGHAM YAY.
I'm back at work tomorrow, so I am going to go to bed early (i.e. BEFORE MIDNIGHT) and get up and be happy and be nice to people. And if I get pissed off again, I am going to STAY AWAY FROM THE TILL AND NOT TALK TO CUSTOMERS, because ARGUING WITH CUSTOMERS IS BAD. Even if they are being rude.
Although I swear if I have to make as many large cappuccinos as I did on Sunday, I am actually going to throw one at someone. Dear anyone: if you ever come to visit me at work and I'm making the drinks, DON'T order a large cappuccino. They're really annoying to make and I never seem to have enough milk.


DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN. (As might be apparent as I don't have a Sam icon...I should get one...hum di hum). I think I was kinda biased against Sam because Jared annoyed me in Gilmore Girls (HAHA, Gilmore Girls, it totally confused me and for the whole first season of SPN I called them both Dean). Dean's just that little bit more badass. Sometimes when Sam cries I'm like OH MAN UP but every time Dean cries it makes me sad. Um.

Oh yeah, and they're both pretty, nuff said.

Stalky stalk stalk. We're the cool stalker kids [cool stalker kids dance] (I have no idea what the hell a cool stalker kids dance looks like but I just made one up and it's awesome oh god I need sleep)
Aw, no, how can you hate him? I think I'm the other way round, actually; he became less annoying in Gilmore Girls just because he's Sam. His hair in GG is still hilarious, though. I genuinely crack up every time he appears with that haircut.

When Dean cries, the fandom cries. LOL SO TRUE :P

I'm still going with Jensen as the prettiest, personally, I think it's the eyes ;)

I'm not entirely sure what a stalker dance actually looks like, but I think it's mostly composed of creeping. Kind of like the Thriller dance. And a cool stalker kid dance is the same as a normal stalker dance, only you do it wearing skinny jeans and hipster glasses. And I can't believe we're still talking about stalker dancing.