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Aug. 25th, 2010

scott pilgrim | nomnomnom

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I have seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. After getting excited and annoying you guys with much rambling every time the tiniest development occurred, I have finally seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. You will be pleased to hear that it lived up to the hype, which is really quite extraordinary considering how much I hyped it up. I'm not going to post a reaction/review until I've seen it again. Maybe I'll see it a third time and take notes. Anyway, YOU SHOULD ALL GO AND SEE IT NOW. GO AND SEE IT SO EDGAR CAN SLEEP. THE POOR MAN HASN'T SLEPT IN ABOUT A YEAR. GO SEE THE DAMN FILM ALREADY.

Ok, I'm done :)

Also did I mention I'M GOING TO SEE ANNA TOMORROW? Yeah my life is awesome right now.

Aug. 24th, 2010

sherlock | has a heart

(no subject)

I've had such a good day today :D I woke up this morning and on checking my twitter (which I do actually do, on my ipod, basically as soon as I wake up, sad as that may seem) discovered that Edgar Wright (aka my favourite film director) was being interviewed by Lauren Laverne on 6 Music (aka my favourite radio station), so hit the power button on my radio and ended up actually getting to hear the words 'this is Envy Adams and the Clash at Demonhead' coming out of my radio, which I never thought would happen. Also, I had a phone interview with Waterstones about a weekend job when I go back to uni (I think it went quite well, although I did mention comic books and said I love Wuthering Heights because 'It's just...so passionate!') and bought the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, which came out in the UK yesterday (it has my FAVOURITE EVER Broken Social Scene song on it, which I totally wasn't expecting. And Black Sheep by Metric, which is so good I was dancing naked in my room to it when Lauren played it this morning, which I'm sure you all really wanted to know. I had just had a shower, by the way. I didn't strip just for the dancing.)

Oh, and Becky and I have watched Wuthering Heights (OH TOM HARDY) and Billy Elliot (OH HOW I CRIED) and drunk wine, again (only I haven't walked into any more doors, thankfully).


Aug. 23rd, 2010


(no subject)

So I suddenly realised that my plan for Thursday consisted of 'I'll get the train from Norwich in the morning, then get the Tube across London and go to Salisbury', but I didn't have a clue which line I was supposed to be taking. Actually, I didn't even know where I was supposed to get off the Norwich train. Apparently it's the Jubilee from Stratford to Waterloo on Thursday, then either the Hammersmith & City or the Circle from Paddington to Liverpool Street on Saturday. (It really doesn't help that I'm travelling to Salisbury but coming back from Bath, so they're two completely different journeys.) I think this'll be the first time I've ever taken the tube on my own, but it's not usually difficult. There are maps all over the walls. I'll take an A-Z. Whatever. Also, I'M SO DAMN EXCITED. I miss Anna. Do you know how weird it is to live with someone for a year and then not see them for, like, four months? It actually doesn't feel right.

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Aug. 21st, 2010

sandman | facepalm

(no subject)

oh man I really should not have walked into that door last night. My lip is all puffy and sore and I'm pretty sure that by the beginning of next week I'll have a badass bruise over my right eye. Oh, and there's some odd little mark thing on my lip, I think maybe I grazed it or something. I look like I've been in a fight, anyway, which will no doubt raise some interesting questions at work, oh joy.

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Aug. 20th, 2010


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Aug. 19th, 2010

sherlock | has a heart

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A conversation:

Me: Have you noticed those biscuits smell like cigarette smoke?
Mimi: No they don't, they smell like sandwiches.
Dad: I think they might be stale.
Mimi: They taste like sandwiches, too. I took a bite of one and I had to throw it away. And I had to throw away the piece I'd bitten too.
Me: You mean you...spat it out?
Mimi: No. I threw it away from my mouth.


My Wuthering Heights DVD is not here, which is terrible, as I'm going to Becky's straight from work tomorrow and I HAVE to take it with me. (Rik and I had, like, a fifteen-minute conversation today about how awesome Tom Hardy is.) I eventually bribed Beth into coming down to visit me at work after the post has been tomorrow by promising to buy her a milkshake. My sisters are easily persuaded.

Have you guys seen the trailer for Black Swan? I'm really looking forward to this film.

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Aug. 17th, 2010

spaced | yes we are awesome

(no subject)

Let's all just pretend I'm not watching Sunshine again, shall we?

Btw, I know my posts have been really short this week. (I was on the verge of writing 'hella short' then. Erm, where am I actually from? I don't even know where in the world they would say 'hella', or where I've picked it up from.) This is partly because I'm having fun finding meme stuff and then can't be bothered to write a proper post, and partly because I have been off work all week and have done fuck all. The most exciting thing that happened to me today was that I was reading Wuthering Heights in a park and as I got up to leave I saw a girl sitting near me reading Jane Eyre and was like 'yay, we're both reading Brontë!'

That is how exciting my life is now.

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Aug. 16th, 2010

kat dennings

(no subject)

yeah, bitches, I can reverse park. (sort of.) Also, my family have been complaining that there's no space left on the sky+ box. I've told them Wuthering Heights is staying there until a) I buy it on DVD and b) my sister deletes all the episodes of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green she has on there.

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Aug. 15th, 2010

sandman | baby endless

(no subject)

Oh, why so cute?

So my film/televisual viewing habits have taken a suspicious turn of late. Things I have watched since coming back from the cinema with Becky on Friday: Sunshine, Wuthering Heights (2 and a half times), 28 Days Later and (500) Days of Summer, and I'll be putting 10 Things I Hate About You on as soon as I've posted this. Yes, apparently I'm playing Let's Watch Every Movie Ever Made By Every Member Of The Cast Of Inception. If I get as far as Titanic I may need someone to come round here and slap me. (actually I'm a little freaked because all I've watched today is Wuthering Heights and (500) Days of Summer and then I was looking at random picspam comms and accidentally came across Arthur/Eames fic and was like AAH RUN AWAY NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE YOUR SANITY, ALMOST. I didn't read it.)

Please disregard the entire post, I am drinking straight Malibu because I can't find any mixer (but damn this stuff is tasty).

I cannot imagine that there will ever be a time when I do not love this song. I'm not even putting the meme behind a cut today, because everyone needs to listen to this song NOW because it is wonderful.

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Aug. 14th, 2010

sherlock | look a blanket

(no subject)

My brain has gone a bit Yorkshire, which probably means it's time to stop watching Wuthering Heights now. I am actually (finally) going to read it, though, as soon as I can dig my copy out of the large box of books I brought home from uni and still haven't unpacked. I know my sister has a copy, but I refuse to read one with the words 'Bella and Edward's favourite book!' on the front. Ugh. Emily Brontë deserves better than that.

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