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scott pilgrim | the winstead effect

The Ongoing Scott Pilgrim Review: Part 2

A few observations, in no particular order:
  • I think I may have imagined the Bass Battle sounding like Queen's 'Brighton Rock', but I'm having a great time flicking between the two tracks trying to figure out if they sound even remotely similar.
  • That's twice I've seen this film now, and I'm pretty sure that both times, it hasn't been projected properly, because a) I'm sure I read something about aspect ratio shifts in a review somewhere and I haven't noticed any and b) Other Scott's intro box thingy always seems to get slightly cut off. I have a feeling I may not get to see it properly until it comes out on DVD.
  • There's this one line I can never quite remember, but it's when Nega Scott appears and it's one word away from 'This is something I have to do myself' and I always want Cera to say it in a Nicholas Angel voice and he never does.
  • I...didn't get what Roxy meant by 'you'll never be able to do this to her!' first time round, and now I feel hopelessly naive. Side note: I love that Scott and Ramona have an entire conversation in slow-mo.
  • I noticed for the first time the way that that 'Chaos Theatre' was spelt, and couldn't work out whether it was a deliberate mistake, or whether it was a genuine accident arising from having a largely British production team, or whether they used British spellings in Canada, and finally[info]robotinreallife came up with the bright idea of checking the spelling in the books, and it's the same. I did not know that Canadians use British spellings. You learn something new every day. (I know, I know; it is utterly ridiculous that I a) noticed and b) care.)
  • I love how there are no laughs and a few 'aww's when Scott breaks up with Knives, but then everyone cracks up when he sidles awkwardly off the edge of the screen.
  • I left the screening singing along to Sex Bob-Omb's 'Summertime' as it played over the end credits. This movie will destroy my non-existent credibility.
  • So many amazing background lines you can only hear if you're concentrating. I especially love Comeau's 'The first album is much better than the first album' as Scott enters the Chaos Theatre, followed the second time around by 'The comic book is much better than the movie'.
  • And finally, Seamus hasn't read the books but it was the second time he'd seen the movie. I showed him the beginning of vol. 1 on my ipod before we went in. He was amused to discover that the beginning is actually exactly the same.

In other news, this. I am basically reserving any kind of reaction until the level of Neil Gaiman's involvement is confirmed, but I will say that a) if he isn't involved at all then this is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea, and b) I think a TV show is a better idea than a film, if done properly. It's weird; I think it has the potential to work really well, but these characters are so distinct to me that I can't imagine any of them - particularly any of the Endless - being played by an actual human being, although I now want to attempt a casting picspam. Hmmm...


Every article I've read about the Sandman stuff seems to be more 'Neil Gaiman's not currently involved BUT WE'RE TRYING TO GET HIM ON BOARD HONEST' than the last. I think they're already aware that all the fans are going to hate it if Gaiman isn't involved, and there's no way it's going to go anywhere if the fans of the comic aren't going to watch it. That's exactly what I thought about it being a TV show rather than a movie, though. The books are so complex and detailed that every time I try to explain a bit I end up going 'oh and that links back to this bit in volume 4...and actually there's this bit in volume 2 that...oh just go and read the whole series!' There's no way you could fit it into a 2 hour movie.

But seriously, can you imagine any living actor being suitable for Morpheus? Or Death? Or (god help us) Despair? To be fair, I love Morpheus so much that I'm probably just being overprotective because I don't want to see him destroyed :P

OMG, they're making that into a movie? I had absolutely no idea! Actually, 'Death: The High Cost of Living' and 'Endless Nights' are the only two I haven't read, I think. I'll get right on it ;)
Yeah. They wouldn't do it if the fans won't watch it. There would literally be no point whatsoever. I mean it's not going to appeal to many people who haven't previously heard of it, much as I'd like to think it would.
Yeah, it would have to be a LOTR-Style-Epic if it was going to work as a movie, and really, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be bothered making t.
TV show could work, if done WELL. I've seen too many things I love destroyed on screen because of some idiot who hasn't even read it decided it might be cool to make a movie.

NO. There is no one suitable, but like I siad, I'd love to be proved wrong. The only person I can ever see as Morpheus is Gaiman himself if I'm honest, because the actor would have to know Morpheus down to a T. He's too complex for someone who just sees it as a job to play him well.
They would, I'm sure, turn Death into some giggly goth with no brain. That would kill me inside.
Despair... not even going there.
Yeah, me too, really. Like Gaiman said 'I'd rather see no Sandman movie than a bad Sandman movie' and he's right.

Yeah! Shia Le Boeuf (sp? I can never spell that boy's name. He should just make it easier to spell, I mean jeesh, what's his problem. Sorry, rambling, I do that!) has been interested for years. He was going to play the lead guy, but they didn't get funding, and he might be a tad too old now, or so Gaiman says.
I haven't managed to read 'Death:...' either, as (honestly though it's a bit embarassing) I'm fairly new to Sandman. I know, crime against humanity, but I loved Gaiman's books, (though I've still yet to read American Gods, I have no idea why I haven't read it yet! THOUGH I have listened to part of the audio book, and decided I'd rather read it, but I never have money on me when I plan to buy the book. once again, rambling.)and wondered why I'd never read Sandman, as I really like graphic novels, and ADORE Gaiman. I fell in love automatically, and still think I'm an idiot for not reading sooner, but what can you do?
I need to read it, too >.<
Basically, if it's not amazing, it will be awful. I really don't think there can be anything in between on this one. As for a LOTR-style epic, that could totally work, but I think it would actually have to be, like LOTR, one film per book, and I really can't see any studio committing to 10 films.

Gaiman as Morpheus, oh my word, that would be wonderful! I mean, obviously, he's not actually an actor, but still. I think, ideally, you'd need someone who has read and loved the books like the fans have - not just as research for a role, but, like, independently. But where are you going to find someone who is suitable for the part AND a fan of the books AND talented enough to portray Morpheus properly? I just can't see it happening.

Oh, pshht, don't be embarrassed about being new to Sandman. I only started reading them in, like, May of this year, it's just that I have a tendency to get so obsessively addicted to stuff that within months I'm talking like I'm a lifelong fan :P I've been a Gaiman fan for a few years, though. You must, MUST read American Gods; I think it's the book that made me a Gaiman fan, and it's the book I'm lending to other people to get them interested in his work (which, so far, is working). It's amazing.

Holy crap I just looked that Death film up on Wikipedia. It's being scripted and directed by Gaiman and produced by Guillermo del Toro? Now THAT'S the sort of thing we need!

You know Gaiman's written an episode for the next series of Doctor Who, right? :D
Exactly. I totally agree with you! For something that epic, it's all or nothing.
Yeah, no studio would do that. One, maybe 3, but 10? Hell no! Which is a tad gutting.

Yeah, I DREAM of that, really. I wish he was also an actor just so he could do it. I mean, he is the ESSENCE of Morpheus. He may not be like him personality wise, but he created this character, he therefore IS the character. (I sould like an idiot, I know. I'm just obsessive.)
Exactly. The nly actor I know who is a fan of the books is Shia (sp?) and he would not work as Morpheus. There's pretty much no one to work with, however, someone familiar with Gaiman's work already could work. But who?

Really? I started in about... June. So not too much difference :) I get obsessedd with stuff like that SO quickly it's crazy. When I like something, I get crazy obsessive sometimes. It's like I have this NEED to catch up on anything I've missed.
Yeah, I've been a Gaiman fan for a while. It started off with Coraline as a kid XD
I know, I know. I mean out of any book of his I can NOT have read, it's like THE book I haven't read, though I haven't read everything. I bought Good Omens earlier this year, actually, and loved that, but it was a toss up between that and AG in the bookstore. It's got Odin in, right? I'm a sucker for Norse mythology, too!

YES. I know, it's going to be AMAZING. Can someone just FUND it so it can make my life? XD
Speaking of Gaiman films - MirrorMask. Do you like it? I love it XD

YES. Have you read the outtake? The Marmite one, on his blog?
I was in HEAVEN when i found that out :) I mean, Gaiman AND Doctor Who? I thought I was going to explode, or implode, or just die of happiness!

You do know that you're a friend for life now, right? No backing out XD You're EPIC! I can never talk to anyone about Gaiman (I'm still trying to convert Coco, starting with Good Omens, because she likes Pratchett, and she spurned my attempts with The Graveyard Book and Neverwhere, though Stardust was pretty promising...) as my friends just groan, and since I'm obsessive, loading it off on non-Gaiman-fan strangers makes them think I'm crazy, and back away/shuffle off, and they never talk to me again.


P.S. I hope my enthusiasm doesn't weird you out just a bit... I'm just happy! haha XD
I still haven't seen MirrorMask :( It's on my Lovefilm rental list, but so is a hell of a lot of other stuff, so it may not come through for a while. I do really want to see it, though.

I am so unbelievably excited for Gaiman's episode of Doctor Who. It's funny because when that story broke, I think either they hadn't announced the new Doctor, or the new series hadn't started yet? But I was still really excited, and then once I saw what Eleven was like, I realised how well Matt Smith and Gaiman go together; better than Tennant would have done, I think.

I'm liking the sound of 'friend for life' :D I don't think I know a single person in real life who's read the Sandman books - most of my friends are like 'eww, comics?' and those who DO read comics are more into manga or Scott Pilgrim-type stuff (which is obviously also awesome, but everyone should read Sandman AS WELL). I've only recently managed to convert a couple of people to Gaiman's prose stuff, and that was mostly because it's on the reading list for one of our modules (that's right, I get to study Neil Gaiman, SERIOUSLY HOW AWESOME IS MY UNI?)

Your enthusiasm is not remotely weird. I'm stupidly enthusiastic when it comes to fangirling, in a squeeing, flailing sort of way. (Does that even make any sense?) But actually I'm having a bit of a crap week and every time I come back to these comments you two cheer me up, so I'm happy too :)
:O You actually MUST.
It's such a good film, I loved it so much :) STEPHEN FRY AS A LIBRARIAN. Really, what more do you need from life?

Same XD Yeah, something like that... I can't quite remember when the news broke, it's just somewhere in my brain filed under 'exciting doctor who stuff'.
YES! I thought that, too :) Much as I loved Tennant, Smith and Gaiman will be beyond brilliant!

*Phew* that's good, 'cause like I said - no backing out :D
Me neither, actually, which is quite upsetting. I don't get an 'eww comics' reaction from most people as such, I tend to get an 'anamelia's reading her freaky as hell stuff again' reaction, which tends to be pretty much everything I read, apparently >.< But my closest friends just aviod the majority of my reccomendations, because they know they'll either be amazing books they'll love, or be a bit odd, and they won't like them. Gaiman tends to be filed under 'odd'.
'and those who DO read comics are more into manga or Scott Pilgrim-type stuff' I get this, too. I feel like saying 'look, there are other amazing comics out there too!'
:O YOU WHAT? I WANT TO GO TO YOUR UNI NOW! What novels/short stories are you studying? Also, what's the module?
I'm so jealous :'(

Good! Haha, I'm like that! I do that odd jumpy thing where your arms flap, a bit like a baby dino (does that make sense?) while you sqeak. I also have a tendancy to 'happy clap' which most people find HILARIOUS.
I'm glad I can cheer you up, you cheer me up, too :)

P.S. Sorry about dleayed reply, I've been ill, and with me, that generally means computer absence for some odd reason!
I DIDN'T KNOW STEPHEN FRY WAS IN IT! Man, now I HAVE to watch that film. I think I want to be a librarian.

I think Smith's just...the right kind of crazy to fit into a Gaiman episode, y'know? Like, Tennant was kinda LOOK AT ME I'M KOOKY AND WACKY, TRALALAAA, and I loved him for it, but Smith's a bit more '...no, seriously, is he actually, like...insane?' He's got an EDGE, dammit. (I'm not quite sure what I mean by that, but he definitely has one.)

I think my friends' reactions to me trying to make them read stuff is usually 'Yes, Abi, I'll definitely read it, I promise', and then...not reading it. Probably because it's easier than saying no and having to listen to me going 'But why? Why won't you read it? It's good, I want someone to discuss it with, read it!' (yes I am exactly like this.)

The module that contains Gaiman is called Fantasy and Fandom, and it is my favourite module ever and I don't even start it until January. I think we're studying some stuff from Smoke and Mirrors - can't quite remember what, but the general theme is how contemporary fantasy authors draw on medieval romance (I think), so I think 'Chivalry' was in there, and maybe a couple of others. It's an AMAZING module. Apart from the fact that it's about fantasy and medieval romance - which are basically my two favourite genres - we also get to study Tolkien. And C. S. Lewis. And Le Morte Darthur. And Phillip Pullman. And Terry Pratchett. (I found out about this module when I was still in my first year, at least a year before we even got to choose our third-year programme. I am VERY EXCITED.)

Pahaaa, your description sounds EXACTLY like what I do when I'm excited, right down to the baby dino impression :P and I happy clap too, no joke! Sometimes it just has to be done, right?
:O You didn't? Okay, he's not in it for very long, granted, and okay... it's just his voice and mouth, but MY GOD does he make the CUTEST damn librarian you've ever seen! His 'shoo' (or something like that) made me 'awhh!' and squee like a fangirl. I kid you not XD
I used to want to be a librarian XD I want to be a journalist now. But hey, by the end of uni, I may want to be a trapeze artist - you never know with me :p

Yes, I completely agree with you! (Are you stealing my mind? Are you? HAVE YOU GOT COBB?! (I hope you understood that referance, if not, well, there's a nice looking hole over there I can crawl into...))
I loved Tennant to pieces, but with Gaiman? No. Just no. Smith is definately the kind of guy you look at and think 'Is he actually just mental, or is he THAT amazing'. I'd like to think he's both, simultaneously.
Yes, he has an edge. he has THE EDGE (not the U2 guitarist, obviously.).
Also, your 'TRALALAAA' seriously made me think of Labyrinth!

My friends do that too, it's so annoying!
Oh, I'm like that too. I'm like 'Read the bloody book so I don't have to talk to MYSELF about it. There's this amazing twist I want to share, and if you don't read the book, I'll stalk you until you give in!' So actually my reaction is far more extreme than yours... :s
I also tend to go 'have you read it yet?' until they start ignoring me...

It sounds so amaingly incredible! I think I NEED something like that module! I met a Gaiman fan when I went on the open day to Sussex, but was too scared to actually open my mouth and SPEAK to him. Also, instead of going 'I bloody adore Neil Gaiman' when asked my favourite books, I said 'I like fantasy quite a lot, but I'll read most things'.Perhaps that was for the best!
I want to CRY that module sounds so amazing! I want to do it *sad face*
I'm excited FOR you!!! XD

Haha! I love you even more! *huggleses* Baby Dino impression and all, that's just amazing! <3 You happy clap? OMFG! I happy clapped when I read that you happy clap. I'm seriously lame >.<
It does indeed just HAVE to be done.
I did it before, during and after Scott Pilgrim, I do it when films I love come out on DVD, when books I've been waiting for come out, oh, and I stroke the books too. Which may seem a little odd, but oh well!