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scott pilgrim | the winstead effect

The Ongoing Scott Pilgrim Review: Part 2

A few observations, in no particular order:
  • I think I may have imagined the Bass Battle sounding like Queen's 'Brighton Rock', but I'm having a great time flicking between the two tracks trying to figure out if they sound even remotely similar.
  • That's twice I've seen this film now, and I'm pretty sure that both times, it hasn't been projected properly, because a) I'm sure I read something about aspect ratio shifts in a review somewhere and I haven't noticed any and b) Other Scott's intro box thingy always seems to get slightly cut off. I have a feeling I may not get to see it properly until it comes out on DVD.
  • There's this one line I can never quite remember, but it's when Nega Scott appears and it's one word away from 'This is something I have to do myself' and I always want Cera to say it in a Nicholas Angel voice and he never does.
  • I...didn't get what Roxy meant by 'you'll never be able to do this to her!' first time round, and now I feel hopelessly naive. Side note: I love that Scott and Ramona have an entire conversation in slow-mo.
  • I noticed for the first time the way that that 'Chaos Theatre' was spelt, and couldn't work out whether it was a deliberate mistake, or whether it was a genuine accident arising from having a largely British production team, or whether they used British spellings in Canada, and finally[info]robotinreallife came up with the bright idea of checking the spelling in the books, and it's the same. I did not know that Canadians use British spellings. You learn something new every day. (I know, I know; it is utterly ridiculous that I a) noticed and b) care.)
  • I love how there are no laughs and a few 'aww's when Scott breaks up with Knives, but then everyone cracks up when he sidles awkwardly off the edge of the screen.
  • I left the screening singing along to Sex Bob-Omb's 'Summertime' as it played over the end credits. This movie will destroy my non-existent credibility.
  • So many amazing background lines you can only hear if you're concentrating. I especially love Comeau's 'The first album is much better than the first album' as Scott enters the Chaos Theatre, followed the second time around by 'The comic book is much better than the movie'.
  • And finally, Seamus hasn't read the books but it was the second time he'd seen the movie. I showed him the beginning of vol. 1 on my ipod before we went in. He was amused to discover that the beginning is actually exactly the same.

In other news, this. I am basically reserving any kind of reaction until the level of Neil Gaiman's involvement is confirmed, but I will say that a) if he isn't involved at all then this is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea, and b) I think a TV show is a better idea than a film, if done properly. It's weird; I think it has the potential to work really well, but these characters are so distinct to me that I can't imagine any of them - particularly any of the Endless - being played by an actual human being, although I now want to attempt a casting picspam. Hmmm...


I've always wanted to be a writer too :)
Have you managed to do anything in your spare time?
I know I should keep practicing but it's hard to get into it!
I usually end up watching a film instead!
But it's good to get inspiration

Yeah, I've always loved films and they got me through being ill at home for so many years (since I was seven I've had stomach aches and got slowly pretty reclusive and depressed - getting a lot LOT better lately though!) but it wasn't until I saw Hot Fuzz a few years ago that I saw all the whip pans and got really excited about maybe making films of my own - realised it was something I'd really love to do :)
I still want to be an author too but writing for films and being able to sort of speak to people on such a big scale is so fantastic to me

And yes! I have a best friend called Laura who is a brilliant writer and my sister teetersslow is brilliant too - they're both hilarious - so I feel like we should create a massive writing team - you could join our gang!
Create a new show like Doctor Who with loads of writers, loads of input

What kind of European film have you looked at? I've only seen like Amelie and Paris Je T'aime - sadly very little!
omg I'm exactly the same! I always intend to start writing, but I get SO easily distracted, it's ridculous. I did NaNoWriMo last year and really loved it, though; I think I just need something to keep me motivated. I'll probably do it again this year.

I'm not actually sure when I became interested in film as a medium rather than just as a source of entertainment. It might have been when I started uni, possibly, although I think it happened fairly recently because I enjoyed last year's film module much more than I did the one before it.

I loved Paris Je T'aime! And if you like Amelie then you should definitely see A Very Long Engagement - it's directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and has Audrey Tatou and Gaspard Ulliel in and it's loovely. In terms of stuff I've studied...my favourite was probably the German film Run Lola Run. It's weird, I always just think of it as something I've studied and forget that I actually really love it. Also...uh, Salvador Dali's 'Un Chien Andalou' (crazy surrealists are crazy), Georges Melies's 'An Impossible Voyage' (not unlike a 1904 French version of the Mighty Boosh, I think a train gets eaten by the moon. Or was it the sun?), Schlondorff's 'Die Blechtrommel' (MORE DISTURBING THAN DALI, NOT EVEN JOKING). And, for some reason, Sally Potter's 'Orlando' and Ken Loach's 'The Wind that Shakes the Barley' which are both in English (ok, so I suppose England is in Europe, whatever). Those last two are both awesome, by the way. And 'The Wind that Shakes the Barley' has Cillian Murphy in it. Um, nom.


Oh and jsyk, I'm making this icon my dp, because IT IS JUST TOO DAMN CUTE. mmkay?
I'd love to do something like NaNoWriMo but I can never be bothered
My school is always super into the Commonwealth essay competition and I always mean to enter but never get round to it!

That's so weird! I was thinking about Run Lola Run the other day for the first time in ages because.. well I can't remember why (probably listening to The Kinks whilst jogging? IDK IDK.. well, defo not as I am way not active but.. yeah) but I've wanted to see it for ages because Edgar listed it as a favourite a couple of years ago
And I love Dali! I did a project on his life and work in primary school and we went to his museum thing in Spain last year - so good! Never seen any of his films though - look forward to recherching! Even if they are apparently... a little strange!

I very nearly ordered The Wind that Shakes the Barley a few weeks ago solely for Cillian perving purposes but didn't in the end as it looked a tad boring/depressing.. is it good?
I'll look out for the others too
I love films - I feel like even if they're bad you learn something from them!
Although I did watch Disco Pigs for Mr Murphy and that was one of the worst things I've ever seen
Still have no clue what the point in it was :/


YAY! I love that icon/picture so s'all cool!
It's weird to be conversing with the same icon but also there is no such thing as too much Wright + Pegg so..
Oh, let's just spam this whole comment thread with this one icon, it's already a Wright/Pegg-fest anyways :P

I know what you mean about NaNoWriMo, it does feel like a mammoth task, but once you get into it it's not so bad, and it's only 1667 word per day. Let me know if you feel like doing it this year; it's easier to stay motivated if you've got people nagging you to go write stuff, and even easier if you've got people doing it with you :)

EDGAR LIKES RUN LOLA RUN? I didn't even know that :D though now you mention it, I can kinda see why he would. You should definitely watch it. It doesn't look like it, but it always makes me feel happy. As for Dali...well, there's a famous scene involving a razor blade and an eyeball. And I suppose if you've studied his work, you already know about the ants thing. And...the dead donkey thing...

I LOVE The Wind that Shakes the Barley. I wouldn't say it's boring - I've seen it quite a few times - but yeah, it's depressing. It makes me feel ashamed of being English. Word of advice: don't watch that and Michael Collins in the same day, like I once did. Although, speaking of Cillian perving purposes, have you seen 28 Days Later? With the [cough] full-frontal nudity? (Um, it's also a really good film, honest?) Oh, and Sunshine, which is one of my favourite films EVER, and also has Chris Evans in it, yay! (That's actually hilarious.)